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We created this site to pay homage to all the beautiful women on the internet. This site was also created to bring all the best wallpapers to you without any redirects or popups to just make money.

Our site is setup so you get what you search for and no added malicious redirects, spam, or other valuable offers like "You are the 1 millionth person to visit this site so enter your bank account info to collect your free diamond mine!"

Although to be truly transparent at some point we might have to add some banners to cover our hosting costs. I can guarantee you that there will not be any of that other garbage on our site!

Our website is packed with collected wallpapers full of Fashion Models, Celebrities, Actresses, and Pornstars.

We have a list huge list of names you will recognise from years past to present.
We have a large collection of swimsuit, lingerie, multi-colored images, black & white images, and also vintage wallpapers. 

We are unique by giving you the option to download wallpapers by offering you many different image sizes from small all the way up to ultrawide.

Our site is working hard to bring you new wallpapers everyday from all over the globe, so check back for more images daily.

We will soon add a process to allow you to add your favorite wallpapers and share images with your friends through all online mediums or your own private collections.

We Have The Largest Collection Of Over 20000+ Desktop Wallpapers & 1000+ Female Models! - We Also Have The Largest Collection of Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone Wallpapers on the Internet!

The best and highest quality desktop wallpapers of female models from around the internet all here in one place with more added daily.
Wallpapers in our collection have multiple download sizes from 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD and our wallpapers also range from small to ultrawide!

  • Portraits

  • Cute & Sexy

  • Swimsuits

  • Lingerie

  • Photo Shoot

  • Multi-Colored Images

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The Wallpapers

The site has a large collection of swimsuit, lingerie, multi-colored images, black & white images, and also vintage wallpapers. Warning some of the images contained in the gallery are NSFW.

Unlimited Colors

We have a wide range of multi-colored images to black & white and also full color images.

Vintage Images

We have wallpapers from the 1990's through today.

Responsive Design

The server is using SSL so connections are fast and secure. We have multiple pixel download sizes which is a unique feature most other sites don't have. We give you the option to download the wallpaper size that best fits your desktop, smartphone, or tablet!

Layout Manager

One stop for all your desktop needs! We have incorporated the wallpaper gallery right into the main site. A professional site with an embedded wallpaper gallery.

Women We Love To Look At

We have wallpapers full of Models, Actresses, Singers, and Pornstars. A huge list of names you will recognize from years past to present. We are also the only wallpaper website the gives you a short biography and statistics about each model! If you have information about someone on the site that we do not have please contact us so we can catalog their information.

Lingerie & Swimwear Images

The sexiest models in the hottest lingerie and swimwear to get your heart racing!

Around The World

We have the hottest women from Maxim, Playboy, and many more! Also we have hard to find images from U.S.A. to Russia and all the countries in between.

Copyrighted Images

If you have an image on our site and wish to have it accredited to you please contact us and we will add a link under the image to your website. If this is not acceptable please let us know and we will take it down.


We are a non profit website. I coded this website to show my appreciation to all the power & beauty of women in this world. I want this to be a repository for images and data of all the beautiful women and photographers that capture their beauty all collected in one place on the internet. I am asking if you like my website and would like to keep us going I would greatly appreciate any donations! Even one dollar adds up in the long run and I am just asking for your help to pay for our hosting fees. So, if you love beautiful women, fashion, or just love photography please give anything you can. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated! If you would like to donate please DONATE NOW!





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