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Country Average Cup Size 
Norway DD
Finland DD
Sweden DD
Russia DD
United States DD
Liechtenstein D
Iceland D
Luxembourg D
Bosnia And Herzegovina D
Croatia D
Denmark D
Bulgaria D
Switzerland D
Austria D
Hungary D
Czech Republic D
Netherlands D
Venezuela D
Colombia D
Germany D
Andorra C
Montenegro C
Estonia C
Slovenia C
Lithuania C
Albania C
Armenia C
Uruguay C
Georgia C
Costa Rica C
Slovakia C
Greece C
Belgium C
Chile C
Romania C
Australia C
Canada C
Poland C
Ukraine C
Argentina C
Italy C
France C
United Kingdom C
Brazil C
Grenada B
Vanuatu B
Belize B
Guadeloupe B
Maldives B
Solomon Islands B
Cyprus B
Gabon B
Botswana B
Jamaica B
Moldova B
Panama B
New Zealand B
Ireland B
Turkmenistan B
Libya B
Paraguay B
Tajikistan B
United Arab Emirates B
Azerbaijan B
Portugal B
Dominican Republic B
Cuba B
Somalia B
Chad B
Syria B
Ecuador B
Kazakhstan B
Cameroon B
Madagascar B
Ghana B
Mozambique B
Angola B
Uzbekistan B
Saudi Arabia B
Morocco B
Afghanistan B
Iraq B
Algeria B
Spain B
South Africa B
Iran B
Turkey B
Egypt B
Ethiopia B
Mexico B
Pakistan B
India B
Dominica A
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines A
Saint Lucia A
Samoa A
Sao Tome And Principe A
Barbados A
Bahamas A
Brunei A
Malta A
Suriname A
Bhutan A
Guyana A
Comoros A
Fiji A
Djibouti A
Swaziland A
Mauritius A
Timor Leste A
Trinidad And Tobago A
Equatorial Guinea A
Bahrain A
Latvia A
Guinea Bissau A
Lesotho A
Gambia A
Qatar A
Mongolia A
Eritrea A
Kuwait A
Mauritania A
Central African Republic A
Liberia A
Oman A
Republic Of The Congo A
Singapore A
El Salvador A
Kyrgyzstan A
Nicaragua A
Lebanon A
Laos A
Hong Kong A
Sierra Leone A
Togo A
Israel A
Papua New Guinea A
Belarus A
Honduras A
Jordan A
Haiti A
Bolivia A
Tunisia A
Burundi A
Benin A
Rwanda A
Guinea A
Zimbabwe A
Cambodia A
Senegal A
Guatemala A
Zambia A
Malawi A
Mali A
Burkina Faso A
Sri Lanka A
Taiwan A
Niger A
North Korea A
Nepal A
Yemen A
Malaysia A
Peru A
Sudan A
Uganda A
South Korea A
Kenya A
Myanmar A
Tanzania A
Thailand A
Dr Congo A
Vietnam A
Philippines A
Japan A
Bangladesh A
Nigeria A
Indonesia A
China A

Source - International breast cup size chart


While American women on average have double Ds, that’s not the case for the rest of the world.

In fact, the average bra size, taking into account every country in the world’s statistics, is an “A” on the American measurement system

Of course, breast sizes greatly vary from country to country. Below are the average cup sizes for some countries around the globe: 

  • Norway= DD
  • Sweden= DD
  • Russia= DD
  • United States= DD
  • Denmark= D
  • Switzerland= D
  • Hungary= D
  • Venezuela= D
  • Germany= D
  • Costa Rica= C
  • Greece= C
  • Australia= C
  • Canada= C
  • Argentina= C
  • Italy= C
  • France= C
  • United Kingdom= C
  • Brazil= C
  • Botswana= B
  • New Zealand= B
  • Ireland= B
  • Cuba= B
  • Spain= B
  • South Africa= B
  • Iran= B
  • Egypt= B
  • Ethiopia= B
  • Mexico= B
  • India= B
  • Lebanon= A
  • Peru= A
  • Uganda= A
  • Philippines= A
  • Japan= A
  • Nigeria= A
  • Indonesia= A
  • China= A

    HOW DO COUNTRIES MEASURE BREAST SIZES? From country to country, the way breasts are measured can greatly differ, however, for the most part, cup sizes are used. Cup sizes are determined by comparing the measurements of the fullest part of the breast and the underbust. The greater the difference between the two, the bigger the cup size.
    Source - Lingerie Diva

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